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I think of us….. you and me, exactly the same way. Nothing comes through these doors that I wouldn't put in my own body. It's just my jam, I love it. Hydration is a huge passion of mine. It's been an issue my whole life. As an athlete drinking sugary, toxic sports drinks and not drinking enough quality water was my downfall.
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It's the highest quality Electrolyte + Mineral drink in the history of ever!


Hydrate Daily Electrolytes + Minerals Use DAILY to PREVENT dehydration to get much needed minerals into your body. Use extra if you are dehydrated, sick, crushed a workout, do hot yoga, sauna, fly, live at high elevation, after long walks on the beach, after Rose All Day, Taco Tuesdays and Beer30. Hydrate is formulated with natural levels of very high-quality minerals so its designed to drink daily, not as a 911 after you already have become dehydrated. But PS, it's the best option in that situation as well! · By the glass 16oz - 3· Mixed in a Proud Source reusable can 25oz - 7· By the bag, contains 20-30 servings - 29· Free fill up w/purchase of a super hip Thermos - 29

GOOD water is vital to life. Tap water is far from GOOD. We are not trying to upsell you, tap water contains toxins, it's as simple as that. The bottled water we source is from natural springs and maple trees! This water is filtered to remove debris and bacteria, leaving the natural minerals. It is really GOOD.

BOTTLED WATER(no single use plastic)


PROUD SOURCE - Mackay Springs ID - 25oz CAN - 4
PURELY SEDONA - Oak Creek Canyon AZ - 25oz GLASS - 5


TOPO CHICO - Monterrey Mexico. 12oz - GLASS - 2.5