Our Menu

This menu is the result of a 17 year journey into learning about REAL food. It has been curated considering every single ingredient. We believe it’s the largest organic menu anywhere in the US. We are NOT “organic when possible”, we are organic and do not substitute. So you might find us out of something, although it’s not often, but we call that a “first world problem”.

Meat. Dairy. Nuts. Seeds. Produce. Coffee. Oils. Sweeteners. Desserts. Drinks and even wine……...Organic! In fact our wine is Biodynamic. We say 99% organic because we have one tortilla that is not organic. And things like our aluminum free baking soda in our baked goods. And I kid you not, even our hand soap in the bathroom is organic. Salt is not allowed to be certified organic, but we use Utah Real Salt. And Seafood is also excluded from the organic standard, but everything we buy is wild, fair trade and sustainable.

Are we crazy left wing hippies? (not really) This isn’t some cult your grandparents don’t understand. It’s food without GMO’s and pesticides. In fact, it’s the food they ate when they were growing up. The USDA organic standards aren’t perfect, and neither are we, but you can trust that we look at every ingredient, sub ingredient and even processing aid used in the food production.


Kris Buchanan C.N.
Founder - GOODONYA